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Part of me doesn't even know where to begin describing this beautiful story! Chyane contacted me after she had so happened upon me on Instagram one day. (Amazing how that works, huh?) She was adorably sweet and the potential client wedding photographers dream of. Not only did she compliment my art but she expressed her hopes to work with me; oozing enthusiasm. (Brides, that’s how it’s done.. hook, line and sinker) I immediately fell in love with this woman I had never even met and wanted to do everything I could to make sure that her special day was not only captured but that her story was told.

The now Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Uelsmann and I met for coffee one evening and they explained to me that they originally had the typical wedding planned but something changed. They had planned to get married at a courthouse downtown and just keep the day extremely simple with only few people to witness. Just from spending 1 hour with them in person I was so excited to get to know this couple even better and was equally excited to experience a unique wedding I had never seen up close.

A few weeks passed and I received and email from Chyane, there was a venue change. I was scrambling through the email in panic for the new location and then an item on my wedding venue bucket list was just waiting to be sloshed over in permanent ink. “Have you ever heard of the Belle Isle Conservatory?” Heard of it?! Why, it’s only my wildest dream to shoot a wedding here. The colors, the plants, the… everything. To say the least, I was thrilled. My dream couple, in a dreamy city with a dreamy location.

Essentially this wedding was the thing you see in movies playing out in reality. Their only concern was that they were together. They had a respect and care for one another that you don't see very often. They so passionately love one another and love their people. Their group of family and friends who are family were just as wonderful as the two of them. There were characters like the amazing friend who would give you the shirt off of his back "I got ordained online for this" kind of guy.. The friend who has so much love and happiness in her heart that it is overwhelmingly beautiful when written all over her face.. The mother who cannot do anything but smile and make sure that her precious memories are preserved.. It was a day filled with love. It was a dream. 

Chyane had the brilliant idea to go to the "Michigan Theater" for some portraits. If you don't know anything about this building just take away this: It was originally the birth of the quadricycle (the first automobile built by Henry Ford)  years later the historical Michigan Theater was built to house 4,038 seats. In 1977 after it had been gutted it was turned into a 3 level parking structure. So ironically it was the birth place of the automobile, turned into a theater and later reclaimed by the automobile. I encourage you to read the history for yourself and visit one day. It is truly gorgeous.

They were married by their dear friend who was ordained online. He had so much sincerity. 


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